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Peace Enterprise W.L.L

Peace Enterprise is one of the leading cleaning and hospitality service companies in Qatar, offering a wide range of cleaning services in both commercial and residential properties. Our services extend to the cleaning of the car, water tank, and post-construction. Peace Enterprise also offers a Logistic Manpower supply. Our commitment is to provide our clients with a clean site because we understand the importance of cleanliness.

At Peace Enterprise,

we know that to stay healthy not only for ourselves but for our future generations too, we all need to do our bit to keep the environment safe and clean. We know the importance of using healthy and bio-degradable cleaning agents for the safekeeping of our ecosystem. We know the hazardous nature of chemical toxins that are often used in cleaning the commercial sites and its harmful effects on the inhabitants as well as animals. To be the leader in offering a healthy and non-toxic cleaning service, we use products that are safe and natural. Furthermore, we are also careful about the kind of products that we use for cleaning services. We are against using any product that is animal tested as we believe in inculcating the human trait of the company

Despite this conscious effort to be environmentally sustainable and be humane, with our cleaning and organizing services, we offer you the premium quality service at a very cost-effective price. This is possible because we buy our products in bulk and use the best one in the market.

At Peace Enterprise, we also have the most well trained and skilled staff. Their experienced eyes are critical in ensuring a detailed work of the place. Our success is because of our service staff and the commitment with which they serve each client. As a result of our dedication and work ethic, Peace Enterprise has been growing steadily from the day we opened our doors to you.

Peace Enterprise is a local company, but we have the standard and values of general cleaning and logistic service company. We provide services to people living in the middle-east, and we have designed our services that suit their specific regional needs and requirements.

If you require any cleaning services or logistic man powering service Peace Enterprise is here to help you all the time.

We offer world-class service at local rates, and we do not compromise.

Company Vision

Peace Enterprise’s constant endeavor is to innovate and establish as the most sought after cleaning and logistic human resources supplying company in Qatar. We try to build a partnership with our customers and stakeholders based on trust and dependence.

Company Mission

Whether it is an apartment, office, or a multiplex, we know that keeping the place clean on an everyday basis can be a challenge. No more, you have to worry about maintaining the cleanliness of the place, all you have to do is call us, and we will do the rest. Peace Enterprise offers the perfect solution to keeping your area clean with precision and continue to do that in the future. We endeavor to become the syn

Company Goals

  • To make the whole process effective and efficient.
  • Creating a culture that believes in the continuous process of improvement.
  • To build a productive and positive relationship with clients.
  • High quality of service at market price
  • Consistent quality
  • Quick reinforcement of manpower in emergency situations

Our Values

  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Resilience
  • Relentlessness
  • We excel in all these to be the number one cleaning and logistic work force supply company. Our integrity towards our customers speaks volumes.

Why Choose Us

Years Of Experience

Received through training, combined with constant striving for


We send the same cleaner every time, whether for weekly or fortnightly

Friendly Cleaners

Fast, reliable and friendly cleaners with experience in ironing and cleaning. Same cleaner every time.

Thorough Training

We train our cleaners meticulously, passing on years of experience and

Affordable Prices

Affordable prices with included agency fee and no hidden extra

Fully Insured

Our cleaners are fully insured and tested, so you can sit and
relax every time.

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