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People who have cars, they are just not four wheels and a machine to move around in, but it is like a baby to them. So keeping them clean is quite important to many, but with the busy lifestyle that we have, often we fail to clean and wash them regularly. How would you feel if you have someone who would take care of your car and a specialist who would clean and wash it with all the care? At Peace Enterprise, we offer car wash service in Doha, Qatar. We are one of the best quality driven car wash companies in Qatar who gives the full-service to our clients.

Peace Enterprise car wash service in Doha, Qatar strives to provide you with the best service that is speedy, of exceptional quality, detailed while minimizing the cost of the wash.

Car Wash Services doha

We have a team of highly dedicated staff, who are well-trained in the profession. They are equipped to wash off even the toughest stains without harming the color, upholstery and the fabric of the car.

We ensure that the materials and the chemicals used for the wash are of the best quality so that it gives the brightest shine to your car at an affordable price.

What We Offer

Being one of the best car wash services in Doha, Qatar, we offer the following services to our clients:

  • A detailed car-wash service that is of high quality but at an affordable price
  • The tools, equipment and materials used are of the latest technology in the market
  • The chemicals used are bio-friendly and non-corrosive, so they do not damage your car in any area
  • Peace Enterprise ensures that after the wash you get the shiniest and cleanest car in the area that smells fresh too
  • Our car wash package does not comprise only of washing the exterior of the car, but we do a detailed cleaning of the interior too, which includes dusting, vacuuming and when required shampooing of the upholstery. We also take special care of the leather seats, so they stay in perfect shape
  • We also promise a Hassel free and convenient car wash service without standing in long queuing in any centre.

Why Us?

There are many car wash facilities in Qatar, but what sets us apart from the others is our experience and dedication. We not only remove the tough stains from the body but also use active foam emulsion, especially for the exterior to wash your car. We next, dry your car with micro-fiber towels, so the body of the car does not get any scratches.

Despite offering you an affordable price, we do not compromise on the quality. To give your car the best shine, we do a hand polishing of the full body of the car with liquid wax. Peace Enterprise as the provider of your car wash services in Doha, Qatar, we wash the tires and wheels of the car individually and thoroughly. For your benefit we also check them.

If you are looking for someone to take care of your car and clean it to perfection then without further hesitation, call us now. We will make sure you get a brand new looking, shiny car after the wash at an affordable price.