Kitchen Duct Cleaning

Deep cleaning Qatar

Consistent maintenance of a kitchen exhaust system is one of the main shields to counter fire hazards. It aids in keeping these systems functioning at their best and vacate smoke and grease out of the space more effectively.

At Peace Enterprises, our established kitchen duct cleaning methods remove the grease and combustible residues on interior surfaces of the hood, filters and exhaust fans.

Why choose Peace Enterprises for kitchen duct cleaning services in Qatar?

Our professional scope of duct cleaning services comprises of cleaning up key components and duct-work carefully in the kitchen exhaust system.

Our duct cleaning services are here to aid you to have proper maintenance and to avert fires. Owing to continuous use for a long phase of time, grease and other flammable materials keep collecting inside the ductwork, that eventually compromises your safety. By cleaning the whole system, we are able to hunt for probable system blockage, and visually confirm that the louver and dampers are working properly.

Based on the kind of cuisine you serve, the cooking fuels you utilize and how occupied your restaurant is, we more or less recommend that a cleaning schedule be fixed in every 6 months at a minimum.

Upon completion of our kitchen duct cleaning service, you will receive a validation sticker specifying the cleaning of the system, a cleaning report together with our comments and a certificate. While cleaning, we make sure that we do not upset the functioning of your workplace. As soon as we have meticulously cleaned the ducts, we share a before-after evidence by means of photographs.

We understand that a commercial or restaurant kitchen works all night and days, thus we always ensure that our duct cleaning service is flexible and is according to your schedule.

Prime Benefits Of Kitchen Duct Cleaning:

  • Increase Fire Safety
  • Get Insurance Compliance In The Event Of Fire Outbreak
  • Increase Extract Fan Efficiency
  • Lower electrical bills
  • Increased Levels of Hygiene

Better Odour Control

Being a leading duct cleaning company in Qatar, we have trained our staffs to keep your kitchen spaces clean, sanitised and health regulatory compliant. We have extremely concentrated and low-odour commercial oven cleaner as well as degreaser cleaners, anti-bacterial sanitizer & safe grease trap cleaners. We’ll utilize the kitchen degreaser to spray out clean and degrease all the interior and exterior part of ventilation ducts and do cleansing of stainless-steel surfaces to eliminate the oils, carbon deposits and other undesirable filth. Our kitchen duct cleaning solutions will also make use of filter cleaner to deep soak and make sure they’re meticulously kept hygienic and in working order.

We Keep Your Business Open

Remember, the key benefit of kitchen duct cleaning is that it enables your business to remain open. Without regular cleanings, your kitchen would gradually become in violation of local fire and safety standards. Getting your kitchen duct cleaning done from Peace Enterprises in Qatar is particularly a smart choice since we offer convenient proof-of-service stickers that make record-keeping easy.

Laundry Hood Cleaning

Your laundry hood is at risk of fire threat if garment fibres, dust and lint are remained unchecked in the exhaust system. Peace Enterprises is a reliable Qatar-based laundry hood cleaning company with years of expertise. We have been consistently providing laundry hood cleaning services for hospitals, launderettes, care homes and hotels across Qatar.

We believe every space is unique. Hence, we perform an on-site inspection to endow with a personalized laundry duct cleaning solution and set up a cleaning schedule that fulfils your site’s precise requirements. For example, we might suggest a regular laundry duct cleaning schedule once every 3 to 6 months depending on the usage.

Our cleaning expert will execute an in-depth check of your laundry duct to learn whether the filters are in place and safe, and we will recognize the level of trash in the duct work.

Moreover, we carefully clear lint from all filters in the dryers. The fan unit and ductwork would then be cleaned as per the industry standard. Any lint which spills out would be cleaned up. We then leave your laundry hood system totally hygienic and dust free. All work is done at a time slot that meets your schedule.

Air Duct Cleaning

Air ducts are a dock for dirt and debris that can accumulate over time. As the dust endures to grow in these ducts, the air quality of your home or office can turn worse over time. Bacteria, Mold, Mildew and even Fungi could begin to grow in these ducts which can lead to illness. At Peace Enterprises, we offer professional air duct cleaning services that will make sure that your AC ducts are as clean as conceivable, while making certain they remain efficient.

Our AC duct cleaning process is best suited to office buildings, hotels, schools, nursing homes, and hospitals, in addition to other residential, industrial, commercial, and institutional facilities.

Eliminate Dust & Dirt With Air Duct Cleaning Right Away

Another benefit to air duct cleaning most people don’t understand is that it will save up your money. As the dirt and debris gathers in these ducts, it means your air conditioner will have to function more in order to operate. This means it will cost you more to uphold the temperature of your space and that means more money is wasted on utilities, instead of the other items that you need.

With our professional air duct cleaning in Qatar, you can aid in improving the health of your family or employees, while at the same time saving up your money. This is vital to keep in mind as you evaluate the pros and cons of air duct cleaning services.

Also, when air ducts get dirty and mouldy owing to the accumulation of dirt, it endorses the development of bacteria and allergens. These bacteria and allergens lead to several health concerns of which most common is breathing illness such as asthma, common colds and coughs. In few cases, it can even lead to much serious lung concerns.

How Frequent Should You Clean Your Air Ducts?

Consistent servicing of air ducts must be done to avert fires and illnesses from low hygiene in ductwork. We suggest all HVAC systems and extractors ought to be examined for cleanliness every year.

In terms of duct cleaning, we would recommend that you properly clean your air ducts in every 2-3 years. This will make sure that the fresh air is being transferred through the building instead of unhealthy dust, mould and bacteria.

As one of the top duct cleaning company in Qatar, we ensure our teams deliver quick, wide-ranging solutions for property managers & owners, across an extensive range of public and commercial sectors, supporting them to address, accomplish and maintain your current safety and compliance.

How our commercial air duct cleaning services can support your business?

With our air duct cleaning solutions, we can aid you to:

  1. Enhance indoor air quality
  2. Lessen the possibility for mould growth
  3. Extend the life of HVAC equipment
  4. Eliminate unpleasant odours
  5. Offer a clean, healthier environment for allergy sufferers

Save your money on potential energy expenditures

Our duct cleaning process:

Step 1: Our experts fix a powerful vacuum to the air duct near the furnace.

Step 2: Top commercial-grade equipment is then utilized to free the contaminants and wreckages present in the air duct system.

Step 3: Contaminants are extracted from the duct system and via the filtration system, giving back clean air right into the facility.

Step 4: After the duct cleaning is done, all access holes are re-sealed, ensuring that the duct system is now available in new, clean condition.

Breathe Easy With Duct Cleaning By Peace Enterprises

Keep your space clean and safe with duct cleaning solutions by Peace Enterprises. Schedule your duct cleaning service today for long-term savings and comfort!