Pest Control Services

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If you are seeking for premium, professional and reasonable pest control services in Qatar, Peace Enterprises would be delighted to assist.

Our pest control company make sure that all anti-pest treatments are implemented in agreement with health and safety protocols of Qatar. We utilize verified methods, specialized equipment and industry-grade products to fulfil both commercial and residential clienteles’ pest control requisites. We are able to offer speedy pest control services that means you can depend on our specialists who will function meticulously with you and deliver convenience together with outstanding customer support.

The exterminators are skilled and equipped to examine, treat and guard both commercial establishments and residential properties against several kinds of pests. The pest control service team are on action mode even when you require a discreet help urgently and with no delay.

Some of our pest control services comprise of Termite pest control, Insect pest control, Cockroach treatment, Rat pest control, Bed Bug Control Services and many more. No matter how big or small the concern is, we will take care of it swiftly, effectively and professionally.

Your Business

Often ignored until the time it’s too late, commercial pest control is best done on a consistent basis before attaining crisis levels.When it comes to pest control, we strongly think that prevention is at all times better than cure.  Many commercial set-ups have now started including pest control in their maintenance plans and Peace Enterprises is passionate in transforming your workplace into a secure, cleaner and pest free place to work. Our commercial pest control services comprise of a free, no obligation site inspection, that lets us smoothly scrutinize your pest concerns. We then offer a recommendation and propose a personalized commercial pest control service which will keep your business space pest-free, while upholding the highest protocols of health and safety and causing the least possible disturbance to your routine business activities.Our portfolio of clients to whom we cater our commercial pest control services in Qatar comprises of:
  • Private residential estate and managing agents as well as social housing enterprises and local authorities.
  • Facilities Management companies and in-house facilities.
  • Managers on small and large-scale establishments.
  • Restaurant, Bars and Cafes
  • Hotels
  • Office canteen and kitchen area, storerooms (depending on the type of goods stored), general offices or even the car park or anywhere in commercial office space.
  • Factory and Warehouse
  • Housing Associations
  • Care Homes
  • Hospitality and leisure business, from shopping centres to leisure complexes and sports facilities and clubs
  • Schools, Colleges and nurseries.

Your Home

Our residential pest control services are able to respond to any pest emergency and will eradicate your infestation, rapidly and without hassle. Most housing pest problems need only one visit by our pest specialists, who will find and eliminate the infestation, and deliver direction on pest-proofing your home.

We provide a comprehensive range of residential pest control services that include; rat/rodent control, termite control, spider control, bird control including bird proofing, cockroach treatment, bed bug control, flies/mosquito control, bee control, insect control, ants control, lizard control, ticks control and other menace-causing pests.

Our Process:


Our pest controller will study your residential or commercial property (together with hard-to-reach spaces) to understand the kind of pest and intensity of infestation. This will help him select the fastest and most effective pest treatment plan.


With cutting-edge residential and commercial pest control services to manage pest activity in Qatar, we can eliminate every last bug and rodent hidden at your premises. We deliver same-day, emergency pest treatments based on the pest type and stage of infestation.


Monitoring is a significant part of our pest control services. Our assured service comprises of up to two additional sessions (1 major visit and 2 follow-ups) upon demand, within a phase of 3 months after the preliminary pest treatment.

Proofing & Prevention

Our pest control service will block any open entry points as a concluding touch so as to avert additional intrusion. We will also provide you with a written report for the pest control service done as well as some valuable tips for future prevention.

We Specialize In

Bed Bug Control

If you have presence of bed bugs in your space, the only thing on your mind will be eliminating them as quickly as conceivable by availing quality bed bugs control services & treatment. At Peace Enterprises, we can provide a thorough examination of the affected area, recognizing the degree of your bedbug problem and offering you the finest choice from the several bed bug control services we have on offer.

Cockroaches Treatment

Cockroaches can lead to a war like setting in your space. Peace Enterprises provides specialized cockroach treatments to win the war against them. We offer cockroach treatment solutions to prevent the cockroaches from disrupting your life. Our cockroach treatment will kill the cockroaches & stop the cockroaches to come into your residential or office space.

Termite Control

Our complete termite control services combine a pack of termite management techniques into one all-inclusive treatment plan, protecting your entire space from all termite species. Our innovative, effective termite control services are based on advanced technology so it stops the termites to eat the wood and other vital accessories.

Rodent Control

Our rodent control services emphasize on laying a trap and removing the prevailing rats/rodents and averting new rodents and mice from re-entering your space. The rodents are also prone to damage objects available in homes, shops, offices that includes computers, furniture, electrical equipment, wires and various hardware objects, etc. The destruction led by the rodents cannot be lawfully recovered through insurance policy too. However, our rodent pest control services will help you prevent against these huge losses.

Mosquitoes/Flies Pest Control

The Mosquito/ Flies Pest Control Treatment helps everyone to curb the growth rate of files & mosquitoes as well as keep them distant from the residential or business spaces. Our mosquito/flies pest control services also ensure that there is no recurrence of such problem in future.

Spiders Pest Control

Getting rid of spiders is a common demand from people but finding a safe and finest spider control pest service is important. Our spider pest control treatment is eco-friendly with assured fast removal and creating a shield around your space whether it is commercial or residential.

Feel free to explore our best pest control service packages as per your concern and contact us for further details.

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