Post Construction Cleaning

Outdoor floor cleaning doha
Outdoor floor cleaning doha

After the construction of a villa or commercial building is complete like a restaurant, office, showroom, or even a click or hospital, detailed and thorough cleaning of the property is of paramount importance. It is essential that the debris and the dust from the construction site are removed. Both construction workers and building contractors can depend on us to do the deep cleaning of the post-construction site. Peace Enterprise is one of the best post-construction cleaning services in Doha, Qatar. Our well-trained and experienced cleaning staffs are equipped with the best cleaning materials, equipment and chemicals to remove the dust, debris and dirt from the post-construction site.

Why We Offer

Being the best post-construction cleaning services in Doha, Qatar, we offer a detailed cleaning of the following:

  • The dusting of the hidden areas
  • Removing the dirt settles in the corners and nooks of the building
  • The dusting of the crevices of hinges
  • Removing the grouting material residues that are often looked over on the tiles
  • Removing any gum and masking tape marks on the walls, window and door panels and the floors
  • Removal of any paint marks on the doors, windows, walls, sanitaryware and kitchen equipment and others.
  • We sanitize the bathrooms, kitchens and the pantry

So when you are hiring a post-construction cleaning company, be sure they offer you all these services.

Why Choose Us?

There are many post-construction cleaning companies in Qatar, but Peace Enterprise as a provider of post-construction cleaning service in Doha, Qatar, is different than others because of the service that we provide. Most companies use vacuum cleaners, buckets and regular mops and often outdated equipment to clean the site. Also, the cleaning of a post-construction site requires the usage of a variety of hard chemicals. It is for you to decide whether you want a company that uses such outdated and hard, toxic chemicals to do the job or a company that uses the latest cleaning equipment, bio-friendly, non-toxic chemicals. Despite using non-toxic chemicals Peace Enterprise does not compromise on cleaning the site, we always leave the site in a state that you can easily get ‘Certificate of Occupancy’.

Peace enterprise as a post-construction cleaning service in Doha, Qatar also does not use unskilled, non-vetted labours for the job. So if you are looking to hire a company that will do the post-construction cleaning of your site, contact us now. Rest, we will do it for you.