PEACE Bamboo Kitchen Towels, Eco Friendly 2 Ply Tissue – 75 Sheets – 2 Rolls Per Pack


SKU: D5924-1-1

Material : Bamboo Pulp
Layer : 2ply
Sheets : 75sheets
Sheet size : 210mm*225mm
Color : brown (unbleached)

  • Premium + Soft + Strong tissue products that are better for the environment.
  • Strong, durable, and super absorbent 2 ply sheets use bamboo’s natural qualities to create a paper towel that’s strong, durable, and absorbent
  • They are perfect for mopping up spills, draining oils from foods and won’t stick to wet meat or fish.
  • Bamboo is also naturally antibacterial, so they won’t smell stale and dirty like sponges and cloths do after use, and all the germs that can collect and spread over your surfaces are never a problem.

Now there is.

At Peace Enterprises, we bring to you 100% pure and premium bamboo tissues for the first time in Doha, Qatar. It’s time to go tree-free and add to your essential list from our array of bamboo toilet tissue papers, bamboo facial tissues and bamboo kitchen towels.

Made with FSC certified standards, our range of luxury bamboo tissues have suitable application in offices, homes, hotels, clubs, cafes, restaurants and eco-friendly establishments.

Known as one of the world’s fastest growing plants, bamboos are now offering an eco-friendly, super-renewable substitute to trees. So, it’s recyclable, bio-degradable and easily sustainable. It’s also soft and strong, and since not a single tree was cut down in making our bamboo tissue papers, it’s the finest choice for your skin and the environment.

Plus, our quality wipes are completely septic-safe, lint-free, vegan-friendly, cruelty-free and BPA-free, making it the most guilt-free bamboo tissues available in Qatar.

Subscribe & Just Relax. Let Us Do The Work.

We understand, you have better things to do with your valuable time than shop for your hygiene essentials.

That is why, we have a subscription-based model, to make it a hassle-free experience for you. For an economical fee, you can choose to receive your bamboo tissue paper delivery fortnightly, monthly, bi-monthly, or simply about whenever you wish to.

Just set and forget, all from the ease of your living space.

Our Story

Knowing about the scale of devastation of global ancient forests for the sake of fulfilling tissue paper demand around the world, and its extensive adverse effect on our planet and people till date, the team of Peace Enterprises felt inspired to discover the alternatives and most prominently to take action.

Having previously tried multiple brands of recycled tissues and learnt that the overall quality was missing (justifiably, owing to the compromised integrity of recycled fibres), the discussion shifted to substitute virgin fibres (for their fibre integrity = softness), and our journey into the incredible world of bamboo began.

Peace Enterprises, thus decided to introduce premium bamboo tissues to the Qatar market by being a major supplier. We started with just one goal in mind, to decrease global warming by altering the purchasing patterns of people using wood as tissue wipes. A simple change can lead to a global difference. Our goal is ultimately to turn into biggest climate-conscious, ethically-sourced bamboo tissue supplier in Qatar.

Our Mission:

We strongly believe that sustainability, luxury and style can go hand in hand, and when a tissue wipe product is consciously created with love, attention to detail and good intentions for the environment, we certainly value it more and respect the amazing resources with which it was made.

We’re thus passionate about lowering our ecological footprint and seek to inspire others to do the same.

Bamboo benefits both you and the environment. You will find every roll of our bamboo tissues:


Not only does Bamboo absorb less water, it produces more oxygen and eliminates more carbon dioxide from the air in comparison to trees, making it a perfect renewable source of a plant-based material for creating wellness & hygiene products worldwide.


Each bamboo tissue is made up of 3-ply sheets that are comfortable to use, have good water absorption and strong for even the most epic wipes.

Naturally Hypoallergenic

We are committed to providing bamboo tissue papers that include only the optimum, safest and most natural hypoallergenic components so they’re as gentle to your skin as they are to the nature.

Silky Soft On Skin

Bamboo makes some of the most deluxe fabrics around the globe owing to its natural cooling ability. Silky-smooth to the touch with soothing sensation, you’ll love going to the washroom or kitchen with this type of tissue paper in-hand.

100% Biodegradable

Bamboo is an eco-friendly material which is totally biodegradable! That signifies that this tree-free tissue paper won’t clog pipes or contribute to waste build up in Qatar’s landfills.

100% BPA Free

The bamboo tissue paper roll is free from de-inking agents, formaldehyde and BPA linked with the paper recycling process.

No Chemical Use

The bamboo tissues are free from pesticides and fertilisers, scents and dyes.


Every bamboo tissue we source is manufactured without harming animals. They are tested on human skin, not animals.

Future Plans

Moving ahead in eco-friendly category, we are intensifying and will be soon offering a full and thrilling new range of hygiene and personal care products.
Peace Enterprises is committed to investing in research and development so we can deliver natural, plastic-free, forest-friendly and tree-free products in advanced packaging for eco-conscious folks.
Stay tuned! Keep watching this space!