Water Tank Cooler



Cooler Size: 19.29 x 19.8 x 22.63 Inches (Approximately)
Fitted With: High-pressure Exhaust Fan – 1400 RPM & 240 Volts & Filter for Air Circulation.
Weight: 9.65 Kgs
GUARANTEE: 1 Year Warranty (For Fan). Immediate Replacement.

Water Cooling is the outward flow of heat preventing the overheating because of the environment heat and the water cooling system is the device that is used for cooling and maintaining the water temperature.

There is a continuous flow of fresh air into the cooler tank which gradually affects the temperature and circulation of air inside the tank, eventually decreasing the water temperature and settle down the cool water at the bottom of the tank and just opposite to this the hot water will go up. All the hot air and vapours rise to its water level and pass out through the selected outlet of a cooling unit.

Why do we offer?

In summer’s times, the water tank cooler gives you a sense of relief from the scorching heat. Our water tank cooling system is the most reliable device which provides maintained water temperature not just for domestic use but also for commercial use like plunge pools in spas, water sports, public pools, and many other places, where one can come in contact with water. Everyone can gain the benefit of a water tank cooling system at both commercial and domestic levels in an economical way.

water tank cooling system qatar

Why choose our water tank cooler?

When the intense heat and rising temperature make it difficult to use water for anything, our water cooling system and devices are a perfect fit for summer use. Our wide range of different sizes and capabilities of the water tank cooler makes us one of the best water cooling system providers in Qatar.

The water tank cooler Qatar can be installed in various sizes according to the requirement, this can be attached to any sizes of tank cover using stainless steel screws and fasteners. The fan fixed inside the fiberglass cooling house is a heavy-duty type and can be used for 24 hours by manual operation with the help of on and off switch. This option will give you a high degree of customization according to your convenience.

The water tank cooling device is like a support system for day-to-day working.



  • Easy installation
  • Longer life
  • Easy maintenance
  • Varied size to suit your need

Additional information

Weight 9.65 kg