Home Cleaning Services

home cleaning services qatar

Peace Enterprise is able to provide comprehensive cleaning of your house. After we clean, there won’t be a speck of dust on any nooks, crannies and corner of your house as well as any object in the house. As a provider of home cleaning services in Qatar, we ensure that every object is cleansed. Our home cleaning staffs are expert cleaners who have experience as a provider of deep cleaning services in Qatar. They use the latest techniques, materials and equipment to clean your house. Peace Enterprise guarantees that after our staffs clean your house, you will not only feel better but also feel you have entered a new house altogether. Irrespective of whether you stay in an apartment, villa, duplex in the city or live in a suburban house, we clean all residential properties. Even when you plan to move to a new property, we provide move-in move-out cleaning services, Qatar.

home cleaning services qatar

Services We Provide

Vacuuming of the entire house
  • Mopping and polishing of the floor
  • Wiping the dust from the surfaces
  • Shampooing the carpet and other fabrics
  • Cleaning the kitchen and pantry
  • Cleaning and sanitizing the bathroom
  • Cleaning the living rooms and bedrooms
  • Wiping and cleaning of the windows, furniture, appliances and even house decorative
Our staff are not only experienced in the profession but also vetted, so you can relax and enjoy while they do their job.

Why Choose Us?

With, home cleaning services in Qatar, Peace Enterprise gives you the opportunity to concentrate on the things that you love or enjoy more rather than having a constant headache of cleaning your home. When you hire us as your home cleaning service, you can be assured that we undertake one of the best deep cleaning services in Qatar. Peace Enterprise cleaning staff works systematically, i.e. starts from one part and then moves to the next. Here are some of the reasons why you should hire Peace Enterprise as your next residential cleaning company.

Our residential cleaning staff is certified, trained, vetted as well as have robust experience

Vacuuming of the entire house

  • Peace Enterprise’s staff is thoroughly professional and can handle any type of situation. They also are capable of meeting the needs of the clients.
  • As part of our deep cleaning services in Qatar, we use cleaning agents that are non-toxic, bio-friendly yet remove bacteria, germs and moulds while ensuring your house smells fresh.
  • We take care of every nook and corner of your residence, and we do an exceptional job of cleaning where move-in move-out cleaning services, Qatar is concerned.
  • Peace Enterprise has a flexible schedule, so we ensure our staffs cleans the house as per your convenience
  • We guarantee 100% satisfaction, in case any client is unhappy with our work, we will reschedule and clean the house again to your satisfaction.
  • We understand every client has some specific requirements, so we listen carefully before undertaking the job.
  • We complete the task in time, always

If you are looking for someone to clean your home, call us now, and we will do the rest to your satisfaction.