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One of the best Contracting Companies in Doha, Qatar

Peace Enterprise Trading Contracting & Services Co. W.L.L, based in Doha, Qatar, is renowned for its excellence in trading and MEP contracting. With a focus on premium products sourced globally, the company has earned acclaim for its commitment to quality. Specializing in MEP contracting, it contributes to Qatar’s urbanization with innovative solutions. Peace Enterprise’s integration of cutting-edge technologies and sustainable practices aligns with Qatar’s developmental goals, making it a key player in the nation’s progress.

Peace Enterprise Trading Contracting & Services Co. W.L.L

About Peace Enterprise

Welcome to Peace Enterprise, Your Number One Solution for MEP Contracts

Established in 2017, Peace Enterprises, based in Qatar, excels in trading, MEP contracting, cleaning, and hospitality services. Our trading and MEP contracting divisions provide diverse solutions, from procurement to project execution, backed by a skilled team and a strong client base. We specialize in delivering clean, hygienic environments through advanced cleaning techniques and quality products for commercial, residential, and hospitality spaces.

Our dedicated professionals, from engineers to hospitality staff, ensure excellence in every project. Customer satisfaction is our priority, achieved through tailored solutions, transparency, and fostering long-term relationships. Committed to core values of excellence and integrity, we aim to be Qatar’s preferred choice for trading, MEP contracting, cleaning, and hospitality services.

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Organizational Ethos

Company Vision

Peace Enterprise is dedicated to continual innovation, striving to position itself as the premier provider of cleaning and logistical human resources in Qatar. Our commitment lies in fostering strong partnerships with our clients and stakeholders, anchored on principles of trust and reliability.

Company Mission

Maintaining cleanliness in spaces such as apartments, offices, and multiplexes is undoubtedly a demanding task. At Peace Enterprise, we recognize this challenge and are committed to providing a comprehensive solution. With a simple phone call, you can entrust us with the responsibility of ensuring the cleanliness of your premises. Our services are tailored to deliver precision and reliability, not just for the present, but also for the future. As we strive to become synonymous with excellence in cleaning services, your satisfaction remains our primary goal.

Our Values

At our core, we embody Respect, Responsibility, Resilience, and Relentlessness. These values guide our every action as we strive to become the leading cleaning and logistic workforce supply company. Our unwavering commitment to integrity resonates deeply with our customers, speaking volumes about our dedication to excellence.

Company Goals

Our mission is to ensure the entire process is effective and efficient, delivering optimal results for our clients.

We are dedicated to establishing a culture of continuous improvement, striving for excellence in all aspects of our operations.

Fostering productive and positive relationships with our clients is at the heart of our mission, driving satisfaction and long-term partnerships.

Our mission is to deliver high-quality services at competitive market prices, providing value and reliability to our clients.

We are committed to maintaining consistent quality standards across all our services, ensuring reliability and trustworthiness.

Our mission is to promptly provide additional manpower during emergency situations, demonstrating our commitment to client support and reliability.

We innovate and adapt to meet the evolving needs of our clients, staying ahead of industry trends and expectations.


Years Of Experience

Received through training, combined with constant striving for


We send the same cleaner every time, whether for weekly or fortnightly

Friendly Cleaners

Fast, reliable and friendly cleaners with experience in ironing and cleaning. Same cleaner every time.

Thorough Training

We train our cleaners meticulously, passing on years of experience and

Affordable Prices

Affordable prices with included agency fee and no hidden extra

Fully Insured

Our cleaners are fully insured and tested, so you can sit and
relax every time.

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